Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Essay(Article) for ILC

As I had said earlier, this post is for the essays I have made as a homework for ILC. There are actually all three essays that I have made and I would like to write down one only, keep the other two for the upcoming posts. And here is it, my essay, or should I say article :

Pros and Cons – Career in Government And Private Sector

Written by Imran Ariffin


     Say that you are an aspiring engineer and you are thinking about choosing a career. How do you decide between government employment and private industry jobs?

The Government Sector

     Talking about the advantages of working under the government, you might think of secured position, am I right? This is absolutely true since once you get a position, or let say a job, in the government sector, you need not to think about how to avoid from being fired, but – you just need to think the otherwise way – how to get promoted. I think that is the best part of working in the government sector.

     Now, let us say that you have already got your job under the government and you are working very well that your merits mounted. Greed for money and love in power spawned and accumulated in you. Fortunately, you are in the right place to feed your greed because the administrative power your position in the government will give you is incomparable to non-government jobs. Pension award is also one of the advantages in working with the government and it becomes an attraction to many people finding their jobs. Pension will give you the feeling of safe future finance.

     But, working with the government sector has also its drawbacks. The fixed salary and unstrained work style leads towards complacency. Knowing that your salary will not get cut even if you come late to work, miss the meeting, or simply do not finish your work, causes you to become very ineffective and less progressive in your job. You will feel easy in your position and your desire to go up another stage of position fades away. Easily said, the odds of you becoming a successful worker, if you work in the government sector, is low.

The Private Sector

     Private Sector Jobs – Why should you choose them ? There are many reasons for choosing jobs in private  sector and the most obvious one is it offers high career potential growth opportunities. This is true for a well developed company. If you do well in your job, you might get promoted to high position in just a month! This truly happens and it happens to my cousin. He is a dedicative worker and his boss likes him. When his boss got a job in a different company, he saved his place for my cousin. On top of that, private sector always recognized true talents and they will seek them through various selection processes. Hence, private sector is said to provide an even playing field for all applicants. From the selection, your hidden potential and talents will be unearthed.

     Despite the many benefits, jobs in private sector have some tolls to pay for. You need to be acquainted with long working hours that deprive you of a meaningful family life. Mental stress and early aging are said to be byproducts of private sector jobs.


     The conclusion is that both sectors have their own goods and bads. It is up to you to choose one that fits you. If you want freedom, you better choose private, but if prefer security, you are fit in the government.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Joined A Class

A month have left me behind since I finished my SPM. Having no job to do, neither part-time nor full-time, I have always been thinking if I have been a burden to my parents. I think I need to do something beneficial during this period, something like doing a part-time job or joining a language class. But a few days ago, I did tried to find a job, and found one a part-time job and give much money even if I give a little effort into it. But I do not take part because it is a multi-level marketing and I do not quite trust the system. I do not believe in low-commitment-but-high-profit business. By the way, I am still young to involve in this thing.

Anyway, today I attended a course named "Stepping Into The Real World", at Institut Latihan Cemerlang (ILC), led by Brigadier Jeneral Dato' Hussin. As the name suggest, the course is intended to expose the reality of adult life to participants and familiarize them with the values, ethics and basic knowledge needed to succeed in life.

On the first day of the course, I was given a homework to write 10 essays on 10 topics and present it on the next day of the course(the next Wednesday). I was worried if I could finish all the 10 essays, until he told that the 10 essays are not necessarily be done by everyone it could be done collectively. Thank goodness!
So, on the next post, it will be a post of my essays. I am looking forward to it.

From the course, I learned so many things about life as an adult. From it I learned about proper attitude,the importance of dedication in work, how much a 'thank you' means in the eyes of the interviewers to get admitted, how to talk properly in a meeting, how to manage time effectively, and many other things.

I think I have write long enough to make a full stop. Have a good day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not Worth the Effort

"Cis"I said," Bebudak ni...!"as when I got out of my house,I saw those little rabbits running and happily eating  grasses at my yard -- they got out of the hutch!At the right side of the one big hutch,I could see a hole,which I had already stuffed bricks into to prevent them from getting out.But it turned out that they had made another hole off the blocked one.

I put on my slipper and try to catch them.But as I just got near them, they ran hither and thither.I let them go first as I thought they would not go far away and so I walked to the hutch to see if there was any of them left in the hutch.Thank goodness 'mama' and 'papa' were still there.Montel, which is the 'mama',was lying down with her hind legs stretched out backward, as always, and besides her I saw the 'tupperware', which I always used as the food container, was empty.No wonder they worked hard burrowing their way out -- They were hungry!

After I refilled the 'tupperware' with some pellet-feed, I then start my search for the 'kids'.One was found at my backyard;two under the pandan bushes;the petite one at the front yard near the tar-road ;and the other four wandering around their dwelling.And of course,I managed to catch them all, but with difficulties as some of them were very shy.After all the 'kids' had been put into their cage and had their meal, I went into my house and sat on the chair in front of the computer.I tried to keep my self relaxed after the effort,but something was lingering in my mind giving the idea that something was missing.Only after a few hours later had I realised what was amiss.Yes, I did not block the second hole!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here comes My First Post !!!

There was no one in my house except me and my fast-asleep older brother when  I was pondering on it in front of the screen.My hands were already on the keyboard, eager to type in something but my mind  
was lacking of that something to think of. But then, pursued by my get-up-and-go perhaps, I came to write on this.And here it is,  My First Post.

Thanks for reading and I would be glad if you leave a comment or some.Any correction in my English grammar is a pleasure.

* I sure like formality, but is my writing too formal ?
*I consider this a good post.But I think it is not a good kick-start -- what should I write for my next post ?
Narrative ? Em, I think that is a good idea.