Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not Worth the Effort

"Cis"I said," Bebudak ni...!"as when I got out of my house,I saw those little rabbits running and happily eating  grasses at my yard -- they got out of the hutch!At the right side of the one big hutch,I could see a hole,which I had already stuffed bricks into to prevent them from getting out.But it turned out that they had made another hole off the blocked one.

I put on my slipper and try to catch them.But as I just got near them, they ran hither and thither.I let them go first as I thought they would not go far away and so I walked to the hutch to see if there was any of them left in the hutch.Thank goodness 'mama' and 'papa' were still there.Montel, which is the 'mama',was lying down with her hind legs stretched out backward, as always, and besides her I saw the 'tupperware', which I always used as the food container, was empty.No wonder they worked hard burrowing their way out -- They were hungry!

After I refilled the 'tupperware' with some pellet-feed, I then start my search for the 'kids'.One was found at my backyard;two under the pandan bushes;the petite one at the front yard near the tar-road ;and the other four wandering around their dwelling.And of course,I managed to catch them all, but with difficulties as some of them were very shy.After all the 'kids' had been put into their cage and had their meal, I went into my house and sat on the chair in front of the computer.I tried to keep my self relaxed after the effort,but something was lingering in my mind giving the idea that something was missing.Only after a few hours later had I realised what was amiss.Yes, I did not block the second hole!


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