Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Joined A Class

A month have left me behind since I finished my SPM. Having no job to do, neither part-time nor full-time, I have always been thinking if I have been a burden to my parents. I think I need to do something beneficial during this period, something like doing a part-time job or joining a language class. But a few days ago, I did tried to find a job, and found one a part-time job and give much money even if I give a little effort into it. But I do not take part because it is a multi-level marketing and I do not quite trust the system. I do not believe in low-commitment-but-high-profit business. By the way, I am still young to involve in this thing.

Anyway, today I attended a course named "Stepping Into The Real World", at Institut Latihan Cemerlang (ILC), led by Brigadier Jeneral Dato' Hussin. As the name suggest, the course is intended to expose the reality of adult life to participants and familiarize them with the values, ethics and basic knowledge needed to succeed in life.

On the first day of the course, I was given a homework to write 10 essays on 10 topics and present it on the next day of the course(the next Wednesday). I was worried if I could finish all the 10 essays, until he told that the 10 essays are not necessarily be done by everyone it could be done collectively. Thank goodness!
So, on the next post, it will be a post of my essays. I am looking forward to it.

From the course, I learned so many things about life as an adult. From it I learned about proper attitude,the importance of dedication in work, how much a 'thank you' means in the eyes of the interviewers to get admitted, how to talk properly in a meeting, how to manage time effectively, and many other things.

I think I have write long enough to make a full stop. Have a good day!


Cgint404 said...

That program will help a bunch to prepare ourselves for the interview. The exposure we get from our time there will be priceless as it will lessen the stress and anxiety involved in real upcoming interviews. But it is all up to the students' effort if they want to reap the full benefit of it or to whether wanting it to be only a thing of a less significance. I actually regretted my action for not giving full commitment in the program and having won a scholarship despite that gives me an idea of what an extraordinarily lucky person I am.

Looking back to the past, it really makes me feel disappointed for not living my life to the fullest. The time used for countless dota games and other crappy thing are sickening. Haha, I look like an idiot for taking such long time to realize this... end of comment.

Sorry for this random post, it is just that I found a new passion in writing.

Imran Ariffin said...

The time in the past that you had used for countless dota games takes only a bit of your whole time in the past but your time in the future is, if Allah wants to extend it for you, is always open for you to use it wisely. Good luck for your last semester.

As for your passion in writing, I hope to find it too.

Anyway, thanks for your comment my big brother!

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