Monday, May 23, 2011

My MARA Interview Experience (2011)

Intro : this year, MARA made a a difference in her interviewing style, from individual interview to group. A group comsists of about 7 - 8 candidates and is named based on the hour the interview will be held for in(oh, how to say this, em, my group was called 10-O-clock group, and yes, because we started at

My story :

pre-interview part:

My interview was supposed to start  at 10 am, and out of 'semangat yg membara', I arrived at 8.30. that gave me the advantages of knowing the newly-commenced interviewing style before hand and of making me more relaxed. To cut the story short, let me just tell the main important parts of my interview story.

I registered myself at the registration counter in the aouditorim hall at third floor and after getting myself a tag number and submitting the required documents i.e essay, copy of certs , resume, application form, I sat on chair until the 'bahaso luar'-speaking 'kak kerani' called me, over lack of an important document - 'salinan surat tawaran'. Then i appeared so much a klutz. .....

* my advice on this part : self double-check the required documents the night before. if your mom have already checked it for you, do 'pula' your own check.

And not to mention, you are actually needed to send only the borang permohonan and its 'lampiran's, for the clear holder containing the original certs are not even taken a glimpse by the 'kerani's and interviewers. Along with the borang, couple in the necessary documents (see 'borang semakan' printed along with the borang ) and, if you have one, your resume.

During interview :

The interview, comprising of two sessions -  group activity and communication assessment - as for mine, spanned approximately 45 minutes. After the door was opened for us and all of us made our move into the room and sat on our respective chair, the interviewer made the briefing. We were given a task of building a a bridge interconnecting two tables, with width of the gap between the two was double the individual length of the spaghetti's given. The interviewers gave us 30 minutes to finish our task, expecting our product to withstand a tin of sardin.

* Advice : listen carefully to the instruction ! Other interviewees, who had maybe not carefully listened to the briefing, made a blunder of posing a question during the group activity, which was emphasized prohibited as in the briefing.

Then we started our work, quite cooperatively. At first, no one made a significant move to lead the group, to even point out an idea. Knowing that this is the chance to show my leadership and group-work skills, I voiced out my opinion on the project, promoting others to follow on. Im not bragging and rather sharing, but in the group activity I think I prominently participated by giving an idea that change the whole technique of structuring the bridge of my group (but no need to tell lah what the idea is. What's important, i think, is that you speak your ideas out loud confidently and make significant role in the activity).

Now the communication assessment part 'plok' :

As the name suggests, this slot tests applicants' way of answering. Not necessarily speaking fluently, just a little of confidence and maturity is enough to give u marks, i think. Each candidate got one question - in consecutive turn, as in my group - pertinent to the previous activity to reply a one-minute answer. I was tagged as third so i was asked thirdly and the question as far as I remember was "what do you learn from the bridge-building activity ?" and I , again as far as I remember, replied " I learnt a lot from.....learnt how to express ideas effectively....the task of building the bridge(while pointing my finger to the bridge) is not an easy task if we ....cooperative a prospective engineer, I learnt a lot (bodoh, repeating la plak) ... bla2" (secara gagap2 ckit).

And that's all I can tell for now. Thank you for reading, and I am very sorry for the months-long blog hibernation.


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