Sunday, June 19, 2011

SAT-ly Posting

As I was in my room, pondering on what to post next, came an idea. My mind accepted it well since it's very much congruent with my aspiration of excelling in SAT outshiningly. It's to post, just to write on anything I could have in mind to compose any type of article, using at least 6 - oh yes I surely am not mistaken, six! - new common SAT words from the only reference book on the test that I currently have - 'Picture These SAT Words!' - and from other available sources too, including the internet of course. I'm not trying to win acclaim from you dear readers, it is just to put me in a no-turning-back situation which will force me to continue improving my written English by posting on a fixed basis (I haven't tell on what basis shall I post, still.) without fail, by hook or by crook. 

But then a pertinently hindering question came to the active traffic of neuron, "Just give it up. You know you won't able to keep it perpetual, don't you?" with its loyal friend the demotivating whisper knocking down my enthusiasm to a plunge " You know what they'll say when you proclaim this and then stop halfway ".

But I will not give up, not with a fight ! Successful people believes in himself, not in what others believe in him. I want to be successful in dunya, and in hereafter ultimately. My highest aspiration is Jannatul Firdaus and to see my Lord. Recalling the the prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) words "istiqamah ( steadfastness ) is greater than a thousand karomah ( don't know the english transation )", it is inevitable for one aspiring of gaining success to be steady in keeping all the efforts towards success, regardless of how much the result any of them would weigh, always on the go.

How will this project be acted by ?
I'll try to look up in 'Picture This SAT Words!' some six new words which can be used to form sentences that could make a nicely built composition. As to let you know of the common SAT words I'll be using, they will be coloured, in whatever colour I want, of course, ha. I tell you, there are many words that I have never heard of needed to be memorized. Amorphous, ambivalence, acquiesce, duplicity, soporific, truncate, tantamount etc. - Never heard (or seen) of them also right ( Those who are highly proficient, sorry but this is not intended to you, no offence meant )? Huh, that's why I really need to do this. They say, to excel in SAT I, especially in the Critical Reading students need to familiarize themselves with hundreds of such words. So perhaps, by having experience using these words in my writing I will get acquainted with them and eventually be an excellent reader and an effortless writer, in sya Allah !

But it will be quite weird if I post only of this kind, because I know restricting oneself to write using prescribed words will constraint one's ideas, making one's writing be lame, over lack of  creativity. Hence I came up to the decision of posting on sections which are [SAT] for SAT-related posts and ['naught'] for non-SAT-related posts, in order to differentiate between the two. This way, I hope it will give more convenience for readers. And my anticipation is, once I enter Kolej MARA Banting for my International Baccalaureate study one or more sections may be added.

I hope that I have articulated my thoughts into this piece of writing well enough that it won't be abstruse for you, and by Allah's will be easy, too, for me to perform. The way I use some of the red-coloured  words may seem blatant, but I promise that improvement will be made shortly as I'm making my way towards proficiency in English.

Thank you for reading, may Allah bless you with His guidance. For the upcoming post, I intended to write about the current  and future education of mine.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There is no such thing as Haram, IF and only IF...

Assalamu alaikum,
I pray for all of us to have a good state of Iman.

Hey guys, I have a story to tell and it was originally a story of a sufi sheikh (Sufi is a term for islamic sprituality. Oh, sorry, I forgot the sheikh's name) who after being asked by his students, who probably got bored of doing good deeds, on how to do ma'shiah (unlawful deeds) without being recorded as sin, provided a wise answer. I heard this story during a preach in masjid. I didn't recorded it fast so I remember only the gist, everything on the details of the story I forgot. So I decided write a story of my own as to picture the dialogue between the sheikh and his students, trying my best to articulate the main points.

So here is the conversation.

Wiseman : Want to know of a way to drink, sex and kill without being condemned for the hell fire ?
Moron : I wish I could learn how.
Wiseman : But the problem is, even if I teach you it won't be more than just theory. I myself can't put it to practice.
Moron : Wow, how powerful is this knowledge! But, please, at least I could know how to. Teach me please, I don't care if the possibility of me applying it is zero, I just want to know.
Wiseman : (This moron talks too much) But there is no even the slightest possibility for it to be possible.
moron : So weird, but that's more the curiosity to learn. Please let me know, please.
Wiseman : The way to do that is you need to make your own heaven, earth, water, air, light - EVERYTHING - all on your own, without using anything that The Creator had given. The weird part comes from that. You yourself is part of the creation, aren't you ?
Moron : (frustrated, curiosity turning firing anger) Haha, so funny of you !
Wiseman : It's not funny at all, actually. But rather humans are the ones to laugh at. They live on Allah's earth, breathe with His fresh air, see with eyes given by Him and yet they do not heed to Al-Hakam's law, do not pray to the Almighty lord, reject the Al-Hakim's words, unthankful to Ar-Rahim's gifts, endowments and provisions, do not lower their gaze, etc.
Moron : (speechless, a sense of realization lights up deep in the heart)

Well, it turns out to be quite a silly conversation, but you can get the point right ? Brothers and sisters, let us try our best to be grateful for everything he made and to never question the supreme and rightful law of Allah's for only He knows what is best for us.May Allah bless us all.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


So I've been thinking "Am I ready enough to face IB ?". Precisely, "Am I ready enough for the holy grail IB 45 ?". International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, as for those who are not familiar with it, is a pre-university programme which aims to produce all-rounded students, providing them with all they need for the challenging life as undergraduates. All-rounded ? What does it mean ? Well, I take an all-rounded student as one who is excellent not just in academics, but also in communication skills, spirituality , mentality and activity involvement.

This 28th June, I'll be registering myself at Kolej MARA Banting for IB study. There's still a month until that, so I'm thinking of something to do that might help for my study. My main worry is, of course, my memorization of the holy Qur'an as the rumors keeping telling that IB'll surely make me very busy that there'll be very little time for me to do muraja'ah. But then comes a word relief from a senior "Ala kat sini ade jer senior yang hafiz, nampak die boleh jer keep up..". Yes, I'm relieved, but just a bit.

SAT. That's one of the major problems to settle. All praise to Allah, with His guidance, came an idea of buying a SAT book when I was in the trip at Kuala Lumpur with my family and it was 'Picture This SAT Words'. It's a great book, simple to read and easy to digest. As the name suggests, the book is a gift for students who want to score well in Critical Reading and Writing tests of SAT. The true problem with SAT is not in it actually, but in the preparation to succeed in it. As I'm a MARA Scholar, I'll have difficulties to prepare for it since MARA will not fund for any SAT class, not like PETRONAS.

That's some of the hindering factors in my long way towards US education. But I'm sure that I'll go through it well. Anyway, I'm going to be an 'all-rounded' IB student right ?